Stig Gustu Larsen – WE


WE is a new single from Stig Gustu Larsen, an artist from Norway most recently known for being a contestant in season 5 of the show, The Voice Norway. However, his career spans back much further than that, having released a plethora of albums and singles dating back over a decade. So, it pretty much goes without saying that this guy can sing. They don’t let people on those shows that can’t.


Stig displays his vocal prowess in WE, as his passionate and dynamic delivery drives the song. What’s notable about this track though are the tropical vibes. The music has a very late 80s/early 90s feel to it, bringing to mind The Beach Boys’ Kokomo as well as soundtracks to films like Captain Ron and Weekend at Bernie’s. The tone and lyrics are very uplifting. This is a summertime song for sure. Ultimately though it’s a song about fulfillment in finding one’s “home,” in finally reaching the destination where they are in their element, whether it be a physical location or an emotional state of inner peace (perhaps both.) In any case, this is a professional single that’s sure to resonate with adult contemporary audiences internationally.

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