Tess Posner -The Mask


The Mask is a new single from Oakland based singer/songwriter, Tess Posner. This is no ordinary indie track. The vocals were recorded at the iconic Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco, and Tess also worked with CA Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Sal Oliveri. The Mask has a warm, analog-like sound with record crackle and tape hiss for avant garde effect. The music is darkly electrifying. The Mask is a synthpop jam which explores the struggle to find authenticity and inspires listeners to confront the fears and demons which function as obstacles to outwardly displaying our true selves. Tess’s voice is delightflully haunting. Her tone conveys an emotional depth we don’t often seen in this genre of music. This song is an example of how pop music can break out of the constraints of superficiality when it wants to.

For more info:

Website: www.tessposnermusic.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/tessposnermusic