Obe In Space – The Deep End


The Deep End is a new single from Northern California based artist, Obe In Space. It’s a hip hop jam, but the ethereal backing music and lightly processed vocals make this work just as well as an electronic dance track. It’s just very chill and melodic. The beat itself is minimalist low-key, but it’s enveloped by chimey and magical synths that create the ambiance. In fact, it has vaporwave style cover art. Had the song been released as an instumental, it could have easily fallen into that genre.


The delivery is interesting as the artist doesn’t simply bust rhymes. In addition he uses his vocals as kind of instrument. The result is a very unique and distinct sound which can help establish a memorable artistic brand. The Deep End is well titled because the song has a hypnotic, peaceful underwater atmosphere to it. It really is very relaxing to listen to. Take a dive into this track and hear for yourself.

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