Headkrack “Abracadabra” Feat Big Steve (Official Music Video / Short Film) Directed by Michelle G

Abracadabra is a new jam from hip hop artist, HeadKrack, featuring Big Steve. The music video doubles as a short film (directed by Michelle G.) At first glance it might seem like an ordinary hip hop song/video, but there is actually a fairly in depth and creative narrative at play. Abracadabra centers around the story of a magician named “Kracko the Great” (described initially as a “street hustler”) who is attempting to perfect that elusive trick of creating the perfect woman. The twist at the end is that he never noticed the girl was already there all along. So it’s basically like a magical hip hop version of 80s movies like Teen Wolf and Weird Science (this film is actually listed as one of the inspirations.)

The cinematography is very good. I’m not sure what the budget was for this video, but I’d say they got their money’s worth. It’s really a lavish production, comparable to videos which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to make. Musically speaking, the song is very catchy and more experimentally structured than most hip hop songs. It’s almost like a narration, intertwined thematically with the film but occasionally transitioning into more straightforward hip hop territory. Really this song and the video are artistically a cut above. This strikes a nice balance between entertainment and the avant garde.

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