Hendrix – Dispirited (Episode 3)


Dispirited is the third single/video in a continuing series by musical artist and former marine, Ian Hendrix. It was produced by Ian Hendrix and Robert Eibach, while a video credit is given to Juan Guillermo Cano – WTH Productions. This third episode is consistent with the first two. Once again we’re treated to stellar, professional female vocals which drive the song. Really it’s just a beautiful, crystal clear voice, definitely better than anything you’ll hear on the radio. The video animation is top notch. We see continuity in style and aesthetic from the previous episodes. The desolate space and barren planetary surface convey an emptiness which sets the emotional tone.

The actual narrative is enigmatic, with strange elien creatures in homeostasis/incubation containers on a strange spaceship. We get the sense that this is foreshadowing to something which will be revealed later. Really though when it comes to this song/episode, it’s not so much about the intricate details of the story but about the overall ambiance. The mood and the emotion are what the viewer connects with in these pieces.

In terms of the actual music, I have to say that so far this is the best song of the three. It’s just really dynamic and the romantic lyrics resonated with me. Seriously the vocals are just dreamy. Dispirited also takes us further along in the storyline, as we can finally get a sense of the overarching framework developing. It will be really cool when all the episodes are finished so we can watch the entire story unfold in succession.

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