Bryson Briight – Algo Nuevo


Algo Nuevo is a new single from an artist known as “Bryson Briight.” It’s a ambient jam that falls somewhere in the realm of dreampop, and it is in fact very good. The song is mellow and meditative but with enough energy that it won’t put you to asleep. Listening to this reminds me of the hypnotic feeling one gets while driving late at night when it’s snowing and the snowflakes constantly stream into your windshield. It’s hard to explain. The vocals are really beautiful and well done, without any autotune or annoying processiong. Everything about this song is pure and lovely. Algo Nuevo is an authentic indie pop gem, which sadly will probably never reach the widespread audience it deserves. That’s okay though. Those who do manage to find their way to this song will be richly rewarded.

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