Christopher Baltz – Maverick Wav.


Maverick Wav. is a new album from Christopher Baltz, a Christian hip hop artist from Easton, Maryland. The album is richly packed with 13 songs. Christopher’s faith obviously is a big inspiration in these tracks and features heavily thematically, however, there’s enough focus on the musical aspect that one can enjoy the album in a casual capacity if they so choose. Delivery wise, Baltz has almost a spoken word slam poet kind of style, which is very stream of consciousness. The songs also function as motivational exercises, both for the artist and the listener, as Christopher frequently comments and reflects on his own situation. It all makes for a very introspective work. We see the artist assessing and addressing various criticisms and exploting self-doubt. At the forefront though, he is always building things toward faith and what he refers to as “big wave” status. The beats on this album are excellent. They have kind of a surreal 80s-90s retro feel to them. In fact, without the rapping, these songs could be released as instrumentals with different aesthetic packaging as part of a completely different genre. Maverick Wav. is above all, a heartfelt and sincere release, that’s worthy of a listen.

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