Mark Winters – Copper Queen

Mark Winters Copper Queen

Copper Queen is a new single from Mark Winters, a rock musician from Sugar Land, TX. Nothing fancy here, just a guy who combines poetry with guitar and does so quite well. I really like the production on this recording. In particular, the guitars have a very pleasing tone, with a nice delay type effect that’s fairly distinctive. It almost reminds me of psychedelic music if you were to combine it with southern rock vocals. The mix does a great job of transforming Winters’ organic and relatively minimalist style into a full and powerful sound. Winters also has a decent voice. He claims that his grandmother taught him how to write poetry, but he clearly has fine tuned his vocal abilities as well over the years. Winters presents himself as very humble and ordinary, but there is nothing amateurish or hobbyist detectable in this recording. This is top of the line stuff.

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