AjGod – So Isis


So Isis is a new instrumental tape from rapper / producer / DJ, AjGod. It’s not entirely instrumental, as it makes use of occasional vocalization samples and what not. Largely though it has a psychedelic and rhythmically meditatve vibe. The cover and title here are really appropriate, because the groovin’ electronic music definitely has an Egyptian feel to it, reminiscent of the kind of pyramid level music one would hear in a retro video game like Secret of Evermore, something which is evident immediately in the first track Backseat With a Backwood. Other jams like Greed 101 have more of a delightfully eerie, fresh sound. All of the tracks on this tape are more creative and avant garde than I was expecting. There’s really a lot of variety in the sounds used for each track. No corners were cut here, and nothing seems like filler or padding. The music is very ambient and chill. I almost felt like I was being put into a hypnotic trance by Egyptian Gods while listening to some of these songs. Anyway, this tape is really enjoyable and well done. There’s no attitude, no drama, no ego getting in the way. Just a solid artistic creation.

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_mi3NBNP0FAvwY5P5ThQ-sFLaudxiEF-QQ