Luanne Hunt – The Night He Came to Town


The Night He Came to Town is a new single from critically-acclaimed country/folk recording artist, Luanne Hunt. The song itself was written by Canadian songwriter Dave Ward. Hunt is already well known for her previous hit, Christmas Without You. One doesn’t have to listen for too long to be able to tell that she is a phenomenal vocalist. Her crystal clear voice carries the song from start to finish. Luanne’s voice reminds me a bit of Sondra Locke’s. It’s just very delicate and pristine. The track has a storytelling narrative as well, almost like you’re listening to a musical audiobook or fairy tale at times. In fact, I could even envision an expanded version of this song being performed as a short musical. The song features some very professional guitar work (credited to Joe Eiffert) as well as a lively fiddle performance by Christian Ward. Everything about this recording is top notch. The stellar performances combined with the creatively quirky elements of the song should propel The Night He Came to Town to the charts associated with its targeted demographic range.

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