Caesar Osiris – Scary Times

Scary Times is a new single from Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Caesar Osiris. It’s a tropically futuristic jam with meditative vibes and a deep ambiance. Let me just say though that the video for this song is incredible. It features some great “dead mall” aesthetics, utilizes a number of iconic settings in the Los Angeles area and just generally does a nice job of capturing a hauntingly dystopian atmosphere. The cinematography and effects add to video’s dreamlike ambiance. The music is strangely calming and reassuring, though it definitely boasts a danceable, pulse generating beat. It’s difficult to classify this kind of music, but the best description for me would be “dreampop.” The video is very avant garde, at times seeming more like a performance art show than a standard music video. Caesar maintains a very mystical presence throughout the video, seemingly in contemplative reflection but always still in motion.

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