Lena Mond – Flowers Bloom


Flowers Bloom is a new single from singer/songwriter Lena Mond. Lena resides in Germany but was born in Kiev, Ukraine. The song has a very minimalist feel to it. Featuring light guitars and a subtle beat, Lena’s softly passionate vocals are at the forefront, carrying the song. Lena’s expressive voice manages to naturally convey emotion very well. The music is very dreamlike, a quality which is amplified by the video visuals (clouds, crossfades etc.) This corresponds with the content of the song, where longing and introspection feature heavily. The backing music is very colorful, giving the song a childlike innocence. All in all Flowers Bloom is a straightforward and beautiful indie pop song. Lena takes a chance and opens up her heart in this track, and listeners will respond to that.

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