Brandon James – So Emotional


So Emotional is a new single from Chicago based soul singer, Brandon James. The song is in fact vocally driven, with Brandon’s captivating vocals driving the action in an otherwise fairly minimalist mix. The backing music which does exist though, consists of some phenomenal brass/horns, which give the track a emotive, lounge kind of atmosphere. James sings with absolute passion, really belting out these lyrics and holding notes for long periods of time. As I’ve said before, with this style of music, you just can’t fake it. There’s no place to hide in the mix, and this is where Brandon’s confidence in himself shines. He clearly has plenty of vocal training and almost makes it look easy when he delivers the goods. Perhaps even more important than ths singing though, is Brandon’s willingness to engage in heartfelt, emotional expression. So Emotional is true to its title in that it is brimming with emotional authenticity and intensity. If you wait for it, the best parts of the song are when James reveals his power level by hitting some very difficult notes. This jam is smooth, classy and professional all the way.

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