Tyler Hutton – Through My Window


Through My Window is a new single from Tyler Hutton, a singer/songwriter whose style is a mix of rock’n’roll, blues and folk. Tyler got his start in Atlanta but is now based in Los Angeles. Right off the bat, Through My Window distinguishes itself with warm, vintage guitar tones that feature just a hint of twang. I’d like to know what brand of vacuum tubes this guy uses. His amp sounds really good. Tyler’s vocals have a very bluesy vibe, almost resembling a rockin’ version of lounge music at times. The sound is very smooth and professional, the voice of a guy whose played a zillion gigs and has his act down to a perfection. It reminds me a bit of old Elvis Costello. You can feel Hutton’s charismatic stage presence permeate through the music. The song begins in a minimalist fashion but slowly builds in passion, fullness and intensity, culminating in a powerful emotional finale. Anyway, this is a solidly energetic song from a musician whose been around the block and obviously knows what he’s doing.

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