TexMex Shaman – Easy


Easy is a new release from Dallas based artist, TexMex Shaman. It’s a cover of The Commodores’ song, Easy, although I would apply the term “cover” here somewhat loosely, mainly because TexMex gets so creative with his version that he might as well be given credit for a whole new song. This is what you might call derivative art. TexMex Shaman is one of the more memorable artists I’ve reviewed on here previously. His musical style and associated artwork are so distinctive, he really stands out (and I’ve easily done write-ups of over 1000 musicians.)

Anyway, back to Easy. This version differs from the original in that it’s basically all instrumental. There are no vocals, though this artist is very abstract and deep so maybe they’re layered in there subliminally somehow. I don’t know. What I will say though is that I actually like this version better than The Commodores’ one. It’s just very psychedelic in that refined late 70s early 80s cocktail party kind of way. This would have fit right in on the Boogie Nights soundtrack, perhaps for one of the mellow and reflective, lounging around scenes.

I’m not even sure what level of player he is, but TexMex knows how to get just the right tone from his guitar and amplifier. His technique, gear and effects used make this guy’s guitar playing really pleasing to listen to. Forget ASMR vids. You should be listening to this recording if you want to be chilled out to the max. Just about one and a half minutes into the song though, things spice up a bit as the music kicks into a higher gear. It then alternates back and forth from mellow to rockin’ the rest of the way. Stylewise, some of the guitar on this jam reminds me a bit of Edward Bear’s Last Song (if that song had been an instrumental.) This is ultimately more of a groovy, psychedelic smooth jam. It’s difficult to classify though due to the dynamic changes that occur throughout. In that sense it’s similar to collage style songs like The Pretty Things’ Defecting Grey. One minute it’s soft rock, and the next it’s high octane 70s psychedelia. I’m sure that a lot of people have covered this song before, but I guarantee you this guy has done it with more originality. He does The Commodores’ song justice while making a distinctly worthy creation of his own. It’s not as easy for most people to be as creative as TexMex Shaman makes it look here.

The official release is set to occur in the next couple of weeks, and you can expect to find this track on streaming services in the beginning of August. Keep your eyes peeled.

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