Ete AhPing – You Don’t Fit In But You Belong


You Don’t Fit In But You Belong is a new album from Ete AhPing, a singer/songwriter based in Park City, Utah. The songs are colorfully uplifting and Ete’s acoustic guitar playing is clear and bright, really pleasant sounding to the ears. The songs have a very intimate feel to them, not just lyrically, but it’s as if you’re watching someone perform these songs a few feet away from you next to a fireplace. The opening track, For the First Time In a Long Time is a fairly straightforward but lovely acoustic guitar track, similar to artists like Bright Eyes. After that the tracks move into more rockin’ avant garde territory, making use of electric guitar, piano/synth and some interesting psychedelic vocal effects. The various recordings do a nice job of displaying Ete’s versatility and keeping your attention. The lyrics all express positivity and encouragement. They’re motivational but not in an obnoxious motivational speaker kind of way. The ambiance here is more subdued and sentimental. My favorite song on this album is probably Ghosts, which has an excellent mix and contains one of Ete’s best vocal performances. Anyway, You Don’t Fit In But You Belong is a solid indie pop album. You should check it out.

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