Joemayk – Lost Paradise


Lost Paradise is a new single from Joemayk, a singer/songwriter/producer of Venezuelan descent. Joemayk is a musical veteran, with a career dating back to the late 1990s. This particular song is an eclectic blend of classic and contemporary rock. The performance is very good, with some excellent guitar work and cool synth to spice things up a bit. I’m also impressed by the vocals on this recording. With this style of music one can sometimes get by with the bare minimum in terms of vocal skill, but this guy really can sing and goes above and beyond the call of duty. The gamble pays off, as his passionate and professional vocals elevate the song to a higher tier. Joemayk’s experience really shows with this track. It’s well written, polished and competently performed. If I had to describe the sound I’d say it’s uniquely somewhere in between Franz Ferdinand and Aerosmith. It has a contemporary 2000s feel, but there are traces of classic rock influences throughout the song.

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