Forest Robots – Inevitable


Inevitable is a new single from Forest Robots (the name for the musical project of Francisco Dominquez.) I’m familiar with the artist, having reviewed one of his previous releases. This new release has a slightly different feel. While Timberline and Mountain Crest had meditative, nature oriented thematic elements, Inevitable gives off more of an 80’s nighttime vibe. The retrofuturistic synth backing strikes me as something which wouldn’t seem out of place in a dance club scene on the soundtrack of a 1980’s thriller. I don’t think I’m that far off as Forest Robots lists Depeche Mode as one of the influences for this song. Indeed, he captures that sound quite well, and it’s apparent from listening to just the first few seconds of the recording (I didn’t even read the description info prior to my initial listen and could still detect the sound he was going for.) Also I should mention that the synths themselves are awesome, haunting but in an emotionally deep sense. The track is very catchy, and I would rate the danceability as quite high.

The vocals are somewhat poetic, as in the lyrical delivery is somewhere in between spoken word poetry and singing. The voice is just very pleasant to listen to, and it really does remind me of the best of 80s and early 90s synthwave. The song itself deals with self empowerment in a world of commercialist consumerism. Ultimately, that is where we see can the connection between this and the artist’s previous works. The meditative self exploration and idealized reverence for nature aren’t limited to a literal walk in the woods. We can channel the spirit of natural world even while on the dance floor or on a late night drive through the city.

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