Megan Golden – Faster


Faster is a new country pop single from Nashville singer/songwriter, Megan Golden. With her colorful hair and fashionable look, Megan may not resemble the stereotypical country performer, but she definitely hits all the notes musically, where it counts. Faster is an eclectic song with the potential to appeal to a wide variety of people. Rather than just being strictly guitar and vocals, the track makes excelllent use of synths to offer a listeners more reflective and ethereal experience. Megan’s softly expressive voice is magnetic and addictive. The song strikes a nice balance between tenderness and energy. In other words, you could listen to this song quietly in your room while you’re contemplating your romantic life, but it’s upbeat and powerful enough to be the pulse of a dance party. This song is a good as anything you would hear on a major label today, and Megan has all the ingredients of a budding new pop star. If she stays persistent, the breaks will keep coming her way.


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