Mr. Rey – No Worries


No Worries is a new single from hip hop artist, Mr. Rey. The song mixes elements of pop, rap and electronic dance music. The backing music is ambient and somewhat dreamlike, with synths that up the track’s dramatic quotient. Delivery wise, Mr. Rey likes to hold his cards and toy with the listener a bit, starting out kind of mellow and low key but then slowly building momentum for a big payoff. At the beginning I wondered if perhaps this was just a pop song and whether there would be any rap at all. He oscillates back and forth between singing and rapping, and when he kicks his rhymes into high gear and reveals his power level, he can really get on a roll.

Mr.Rey City Lights

One of the recurring favored motifs associated with this artist is “perseverance.” That theme is represented heavily in this song as well. In the lyrics, he admits that basically nothing is going his way, but that the future is bright. He just keeps going. For Mr. Rey, the question is not if his day will come, but when.

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