jarradcleofe – BE THERE 4 U


BE THERE 4 U is a new album from San Francisco based DJ/producer, jarradcleofe. He refers to it as a mini-album, but there are eight full and distinctive songs, so that seems pretty close to a full album and definitely more juiced up than the average EP. It’s electronic dance music, which blends a variety of styles. Philosophically, the artist believes in combining elements from different electronic sub-genres, since they’re essentially interwoven through development and cross influence one another. The intro and title track present an ethereal synth ambiance while songs like oh aye have a bouncy, retro-futuristic aesthetic. Certain tracks surprising incorporate some subtle hip hop, pop and R&B elements to round things out nicely. Parts of the album have an old school, analog quality. There’s some strategic tape hiss and record crackling on a number of tracks, which gives the album an organic, grassroots feel rather that something that’s slickly packaged. I like how each song has a unique, attention grabbing intro. Tracks start out minimalist and occasionally eerie, then build into a more grandiose dance experience. This guy has other releases as well, so be sure and check them out.


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