Joe Kane – Still In the Game


Still In the Game is a new single from Joe Kane. The track is set to appear on his upcoming album, COPACETIC, which is slated for release in January 2020. While that’s a ways away, it never hurts to get the word out early and generate a buzz. Still In the Game features a chill piano intro and then quickly kicks into a bumpin beat. Kane alternates his pacing between quick and mellow, corresponding with the musical changes. This guy can really stay on point at fast speeds, too. His delivery is crisp and confident, as he asserts himself with wit and subtle attitude. I really like the production on this. The mix is solid, but the best part is that he doesn’t mess up the vocals with a lot of unnecessary effects and autotune type junk. His voice comes through clear and present. Still In the Game ultimately succeeds in getting the artist’s message across. When Joe asserts that he’s still in the game, we can tell that he’s not playing around.

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