Sauveur Eloheem – The Dead Tape Part II


French rapper Sauveur Eloheem continues to crank out releases at a prolific rate, this time treating us to The Dead Tape Part II. The freshly dropped album features Sauveur’s trademarked darkly avant garde ambiance, which I’ve come to be quite familiar with. While many of the songs follow this quiet, haunting formula, in tracks like Triple 6 Catharsis Eloheem, experiments with more aggressive pacing and ups the intensity of his delivery. Also notable is Hand on the Cord which surprisingly has some lyrics in English. Where this album really shines though is in the backing music and beat selection. The eerily groovin instrumentals and samples are brilliant aesthetic choices. Particularly the last track, Sortil├Ęge, is impressive, with its vintage 1960s guitar tones providing the backdrop for the eloquent narration. Eloheen’s genre is like if you combined anti-folk lofi with hip hop. If Boyd Rice were a French rapper in another life, I’d imagine his music to sound something like The Dead Tape Part II. This album is yet another fine entry from Sauveur Eloheem.

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