Midnight Lands – Destroy the World


Destroy the World is a new album from Midnight Lands, the name for the musical project of singer/songwriter Ben Averch. The sound combines elements of rock, alternative, folk and electronic. The music is organic and a little on the heavier side, reminding me of a lot of solid, 80s-90’s rock, the era just prior to when people began using autotune and overprocessing effects. The authentic quality is really the thing that makes this sound somewhat retro. There isn’t a lot of flashy attitude or some carefully crafted image being marketed. It’s just genuine, passionate music. The songs which are guitar driven like Catch and Release give off more of an alternative rock vibe while synth heavy songs like the title track Destroy the World wouldn’t seem out of place in a late 80’s science fiction soundtrack. Most albums have either a daytime or nighttime ambiance, and this one definitely strikes me as a “night” record. The tone is dark and occasionally bleak but the pacing is very upbeat and rockin to the max. If destroying the world is going to be this energizing, go ahead and sign me up.

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