Sabino – Yin


Yin is a new album from an artist known as Sabino. The songs contain elements of rock and hip hop, featuring a really clean and crisp production. The backing music is smooth groovin and highly energetic. I should mention that the lyrics are all in Spanish, but you don’t have to be able to speak the language to enjoy the song. The vocals flow nicely, boast a voice that’s crystal clear and easy on the ears. The opening track La Magia is a solid intro and sets the standard right away. The backing beats and synths remind me a lot of old school 90s hip hop, just sleek retro style. Spanish is naturally a great language for this genre of music because of the way the words roll off the tongue at such a quick pace and in a pleasing fashion. My favorite song on the album is probably Yin Yang. It has a very ethereal beat and a stellar vocal performance, super catchy. This release is probably one of the coolest things I’ll hear all week.

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