Binary Drift – A Song For Vampires

Binary Drift_Pic F72

A Song for Vampires is a single from Binary Drift, an artist based in Madrid whose real name is Mauricio Yrivarren. The track appears on his recent album, Pocket Tunes. While A Song For Vampires is a bossa nova song, the minimalist mix, earthy guitars and impassioned vocals also give off some magnificent 60’s folk vibes. The music has a very authentically retro feel to it, reminiscent of artists like Arthur Lee and Jake Holmes but with a more contemporary voice. Mauricio’s singing is very pleasant to listen to and thankfully comes without any annoying effects or overprocessing. The lyrics deal with the melancholy of a breakup and the case for getting back together. It’s a familiar theme, one which I relate to all too well, but it’s creatively done here, and the lyrics have more substance than what one normally expects from this subject matter. Anyway, this guy is obviously a great songwriter, and I imagine the rest of his album is worth a listen.

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