BoomBox Massacre – From the Mud (Feat. 2xTim)

From the Mud

From the Mud is a new single from producer, BoomBox Massacre and is set to appear on the upcoming compilation album, Massacre Muzik. What’s interesting about this jam is how rockin’ it is. The backbeat could almost just as easily be the backdrop for a heavy metal song. Really though the music heightens the action and suspense of the lyrical delivery. The timing in the delivery is really precise and on point, which is especially impressive given the unconventional and irregular beat. Everything flows nicely though and there are some choice lines (“opposite of Atkins, choose to walk the city like I’m lumberjackin.”) I have a feeling this song would appeal to a wide variety of people. It’s just so epic, like a blockbuster fantasy action movie in the form of a hip hop jam.

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