Kathy Ingraham – That’s What Crazy Lovers Do

kathy thats what crazy lovers do

That’s What Crazy Lovers Do is a new, original jazz standard single from vocalist Kathy Ingraham. The song also features critically acclaimed jazz icon Pete Levin on piano, and he does deliver. The mix is fairly minimalist, with mostly just piano, percussion and vocals, but this is definitely a case where quality is better than quantity. Kathy’s an established singer, and her voices carries the song effortlessly. She’s so good, she makes it look easy. The track has a very lounge-like feel to it. It’s swingin’ but more mellow and romantic than the more fast paced swing revival stuff which was popular in the 90s. This is more classy and elegant. Another interesting thing about this song is that it has a narrative. While Kathy sings she occasionally breaks into more casual, conversational story telling before diving deeply back into the music. This type of interlude heightens the climactic moments of the song. That’s What Crazy Lovers Do is cool and professional and may even win some awards.

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