Charles Ryan Davis – Modesty


Modesty is a new single from Kentuck based singer/songwriter Charles Ryan Davis. It song appears on the EP, Five. Modesty is aptly titled as the track laments the loss of modesty as a “lost art” in sharing one’s opinion on social media. It reflects on the increasing polarization of politics and the argumentative nature of people in general. Musically the song is quite enchanting, though difficult to pin down into a genre. It’s indie pop/rock with some exotic vintage organ sounds to give it some flavor. Charles Ryan Davis is an impressive singer. With this style of music, you can sometimes get away with mediocre vocals as part of an organic, quirky and avant garde package, but Charles’ voice goes above and beyong thee call of duty, giving a top tier performance. Like I said, the music is difficult to classify, but the best way I could describe it is like an folkish, psychedelic indie rock version of R.E.M. or They Might Be Giants. This guy’s a talented songwriter, and we could all do with a little more Modesty in our lives.


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