TonAsh – Crazy (Featuring Judah Tha Lion)


Crazy is a new single from TonAsh and Judah the Lion, two artists from the Bahamas. The song has a fresh analog style intro complete with vintage guitar, crackle and tape hiss before the track kicks into full effect. One can detect some subtle Caribbean vibes in the backing beat, accented also by a unique whistling sound. Musically the song has a very summer afternoon groovin feel. The vocal delivery is very light and peppy yet genuine, making could usage of vocal layering for the backups. The front vocals come across as lively, energetic and surprisingly sensitive. The repetition makes the song very catchy, with the phrase “I feel like I’m going crazy” getting stuck in your head within the first listen, and I can certainly relate to the sentiments. Crazy also has an excellent little outro (again featuring the whistle.) This jam should have a nice, balanced international appeal.

For more info:

TonAsh: IG: @KingTA242 FB: @TonAsh Twitter: @KingTonAsh
Judah Tha Lion IG: @JudahThaLion