Pomagranite – VOL. II


VOL. II is a new album from hip hop group, Pomagranite. They’re actually based out of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and perhaps their name is a reference to New Hampshire being known as “The Granite State.” The album however, was written and recorded while the group was on a recent trip to Los Angeles. VOL. II is an impressive release that just oozes with style. They utilize unconventional beats that are phenomenal musically and often sound like something out of a 60s sci-fi film or old Twilight Zone episode (particularly the case with FUH BIDDEN and SMART DOLLAH.) You get a sense of Pomagranite’s talent right off the bat with the first track, DUFFLE, which is probably my favorite song on here. The delivery is quick and precise, indicative of rappers that are really skilled verbal acrobats and not just going through the motions busting rhymes or posturing. These guys also make creative use of production, experimenting with some interesting processing and vocal effects I honestly haven’t really heard anywhere else. This album really does capture the cool and out there vibe of Southern California ambiance. The whole package of this release comes together quite nicely. It has a great album cover to live up to, and the music won’t let you down.

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