Mason Roberts – Shattered


Shattered is a new single from singer/songwriter Mason Roberts. The appears on his recently released EP, Bittersweet. Mason’s vocals are primarily what drive the action, and that’s a good thing because this guy can really sing. There’s no aggressive autotune or annoying processing. Mason’s voice is strong enough he probably could have even made it past the judges on American Idol. This music is too good and sincere for that though anyway. He sings in a way that’s heartfelt and emotionally expressive. The backing music is bright and full, with a somewhat uplifting ambiance (despite the title of the song.) Shattered has a certain dreamlike and surreal quality to it. The pacing is light but there’s still enough powerful energy in the song to get your pulse going. Shattered is a fine example of a professional vocalist doing his thing. I hope this jam gets some traction, cause it contains a solid performance.

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