Northeastbeats – You’ll Be Okay


You’ll Be Okay is a new album from Canadian based group, Northeastbeats. Clockinh in at 16 tracks, it is a full album, gargantuan even. The sound falls somewhere between hip hop and trip hop. One of the most impressive things about this album are the retrofuturistic backbeats, which wouldn’t seem out of place on the soundtrack to Logan’s Run or some other 1970s scifi film. The rapping style also is surprisingly original, incorporating elements of alternative and vocal effects which would normally be more associated with indie rock. The delivery frequently transitions from a mellow and chill pacing to quick witted and adrenaline fueled. All of the songs on here are very full, and it’s really amazing just how much lyrical substance and elaborate storytelling are packed into this release. My favorite track on here is probably Old Cartoons, mostly because I just like the beat. Every song on here is distinct and has a worthy identity of its own. Check these guys out. They’re more creative than the average hip hop outfit.

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