Sam Xhri6 – Touch


Touch is a new single from Sam Xhri6 (pronounced Sam Chris,) an RnB singer/songwriter hailing from West Africa. He’s also a guitar player. The first thing you notice about this jam is the smooth groovin synth driven backing music, which gives the song a futuristic, lounge-like atmosphere. Sam keeps with the relatively complex beat and pushes the limits of his vocals, hitting some impressive highs. This track has a very chill ambiance. It has heavy romantic undertones but is poppin’ enough that it can be enjoyed independently of the subject matter, by those who just wish to vibe out to the music. The production quality on the track is solid. In particular the levels of the mix are right where they should be. It’s relatively minimalist musically, but the backing music is pleasing and full enough, that one is grateful the sound is obscured or drowned out. Overall this is a good authentic effort by Sam Xhri6, one which is likely to hit its target audience in the sweet spot.

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