Bird Of Paradise Sonnet By Marie Helen


Los Angeles based artist Marie Helen Abramyan is known for her poetry and songwriting. She founded the musical duo “Lyrics of Two” which won an award in 2018 at Florida Country Radio. Her poems almost always deal with things relating to nature. This particular poem was inspired by the (bird of) paradise flower, which Marie Helen became fixated on and decided to write about after she walked through her garden one day. Marie is the author of a volume of poetry titled Celebrating The Holidays And Seasons With Poetry And The Smaller Things In Nature as well as a children’s book The Tales Of The Helpful Friends And The Garden Show.

Bird Of Paradise Sonnet

Bird of Paradise, feather among leaves,

To the earthy soil I am bound and tied.

Anchored by claws of roots and weighty sheaves,

My spirit flies among the birds that glide.

My sprawled pinions verdent, tail feathers pied,

A crest of orange crowned is my disguise.

As winds breathe hope and new life, then subside,

Seeds are sown and grown right before my eyes.

My vision is centered, strong are my arms,

I feed the hungry and withstand their sting,

I greet the sunrise, and bathe in rainstorms.

Wildflowers fret and speak of blight all spring,

But Paradise shuns foreboding such plight.

Proud is my nature, I stand strongly bright.

-Marie Helen Abramyan

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