Pistachio Gods – Cactus Juice


It’s a mystery to me why musical duo “Pistacho Gods” (hailing from Dallas and Los Angeles) have less than 200 subscribers on youtube. They deserve way more. There are a lot of bands which make quirky, humorous and entertaining music, but these guys do this shtick very well. Stylewise, they remind me a bit of the group Grand Buffet, only there’s a lot more variety to the sound here. One of their tracks Cactus Juice incorporates a plethora of differest styles. It’s like if you combined late 90’s Vitamin C beats with country, reggae hip hop and LFO. It is just a very unique blend. The music is very bright and fizzy, leaving you feel all funny inside. Cactus Juice has a very summertime vibe. I could have easily seen this jam as a hit in the summer of 1999 along side LEN’s Steal My Sunshine. It could have easily made the top 20 on Total Request Live with Carson Daly. A lot of musicians who make humorous music like this do it to compensate for a lack of skill. Pistachio Gods on the other hand, are impressive musicians. Im particular, they manage to do all kinds of different voices and characters while still performing at a top tier. The songwriting and backing music are solid as well. These guys don’t cut corners. The songs are fun and pleasant to listen to. Apparently these guys have been making music together since they attended high school, and their experience as a team is apparent to anyone listening to these well crafted tunes.


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