Club Roulette – Bonfire

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Bonfire is a new single from Club Roulette, a band from Gold Coast, Australia. Produced by UK producer Reese Szabo, the song achieves major label audio quality, actually better than much of what you’d hear on the radio. It’s difficult to classify the band’s sound, but it basically blends elements of pop, rock and even emo. It’s too clean and melodic for something like screamo. Bonfire is very catchy and repetitive, in a good way. The band is only a 3 piece, so the minimalist mix emphasizes the vocals and harmonies, which are dynamic and pleasant to the ear. Stylewise, the music reminds me of that of “boy bands” but more rockin and for cooler people. This is a really professional sounding jam, which is impressive considering how young these guys look. I could see this band going somewhere if they stick with it and play a lot of shows.

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