E-SQUARED – Stares


Stares is a new EP from E-SQUARED, an urban hip hop/R&B group from Vancouver, Canada. It features 4 songs of bright and colorful goodness. The male and female vocals balance the tracks nicely and are blended in creative ways. The tracks feature quirky and dreamlike synth backings, providing a sweet backdrop for these candylike pop jams. Gettin’ Paper is a solid opening track with a downright surreal beat, with the girl’s voice brimming with charisma. The track Bouncin probably has the best intro. It’s sparse, minimal and intriguing. One interesting gimmick the group uses is to incorporate their name (E-SQUARED) into the songs themselves, which is kind of memorable. All in all, Stares features some catchy tunes, and this duo has mainstream appeal.

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