Datastar – Don’t Panic EP


Don’t Panic is a new EP from Datastar, a songwriter/producer team based in Queens, NY. One of the tracks, Blackheart, features a darkly retrofuturistic, scifi synth sound, similar to that found on soundtracks for films like The Thing and Saturn 3. The backing beat is mid-paced, ambient and dangerously hypnotic. Other songs like Nardo have a different feel. Nardo is brighter and more colorfully contemporary, something you’d expect to hear at an EDM festival. The title track, Don’t Panic combines elements of all the other songs. It’s easily the standout track on the EP, with its sleak and “Rad Racer” style beat and ultra catchy vocal phrases. The EP closes out with Just Like That, a softer, slightly less dark number that otherwise is comparable stylewise to the first song. It gives off the same retro vibes but with a whispering, lower intensity. This is a solid electronic EP, and Don’t Panic really is a catchy song and has some potential to make its way around the club circuit.

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