TONIGHT is the latest release from A G E N T, NorCal punk artist. This single has more of a hard rock vibe than the other releases I’m familiar with from this performer. It features power guitars and deep, reverberating vocals. This jam reminds me a lot of the kind of music you’d hear in late 80s horror/action movies like The Wraith, Night of the Demons or The Lost Boys (minus the 80’s cheesy synth action.) The song is intensely surreal if you allow yourself to be swept up in it. It’s hypnotic and fast paced, with those bold and unapologetically romantic lyrics that only a song that rocks this hard can get away with. There are plenty of traces of NorCal punk aesthetic in here, particularly around the one and a half minute mark, where the guitars take on that classic early 90’s punk tone. If you listen closely, the vocals also have a hint of that mysterious NorCal punk accent recognizable from so many classic recordings. The title and cover manage to capture the ambiance of the track accurately. This really does feel like a nighttime driving song, especially if you’re driving at high speed around dangerous curves or drag racing in the middle of the desert. The best way to describe this recording is that it falls somewhere in between NOFX and an avant garde version of Van Halen. Everyone associated with this project has a lot of experience in making music, and it shows.

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