Sauveur Eloheem – L’Enfer


L’Enfer is an EP from underground French hip hop artist, Sauveur Eloheem. It was originally released in 2017. Some of the songs on this album were produced under the (rather clever) alias of “Bob Snob.” This album has much in common with other releases from Eloheem, fitting snugly within his well established aesthetic, which features wildly creative, unusual and often creepy beats fronted by his casually hypnotic voiceover. The pacing is slow and methodical throughout, creating subtle tension and a sense of impending doom. Interestingly, there’s even an ambient and ethereal song which appears to be a statement against Scientology, J’enc*le la Scientologie (apparently means “Fuck Scientology,” so Eloheem clearly does not have much regard for the authority of Xenu. The most conventional hip hop track is J’suis High, with it’s peppy beat and straightforward delivery, it comes about as close as this artist gets to mainstream friendly material. My favorite jam on this album is probably Cuttlefish Music, which sounds like something from a black magical, sparkling underwater fairy tale. The album’s outro Toast Killers is a crisp English language treat with an unexpected female introduction. I’ve reviewed several of this guy’s albums, and Sauveur Eloheem has got to be the most unique hip hop artist in France right now.

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