Micah Willis – Don’t Tell


Don’t Tell is a new single from Micah Willis, an artist who divides his time between Los Angeles and his hometown, Salt Lake City. Stylewise, this song is within the realm of music from The Weeknd. It’s deep and ambient pop with a heavy dose of emotional expression. You get the idea. The mellow, synth backing works like a dreamlike echo chamber. Occasionally the song shifts to a more bouncy, dancepop oriented jam. What’s amazing is how much musical variety there is in just this one track. It’s like you’re getting 5 songs for the price of one, though it all meshes together rather fluidly. Micah has an impressive voice. This guy can hit highs that would make some opera singers blush. I have to say that this song is incredibly relaxing, but there’s enough energy floatng around in this recording to induce you to dance if the mood was right. Micah is a well established vocalist, with a long list of impressive credits. From a quality standpoint, Don’t Tell is on par with the music of some of the big names Willis has worked with. The only thing preventing this song from hitting the mainstream is that it just hasn’t been seen by the right person yet.

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