Anea Michelle – Late


Late is a new single from artist Anea Michelle. The track combines jazz, soul and R&B but is first and foremost driven by Anea’s stellar vocals. The minimalist mix boldly puts her voice at the forefront, and it pays off. Her vocals are creatively layered in a dreamlike, conversational style. This is almost like a spoken word poetry jam. As the title suggests, this beautiful song is about Anea always being late, though it obviously serves as a metaphor. As best as I can tell, the song is about how she loves being with her significant other, which causes her to be late for everything else. She’s “on time” only when on her way to be with her love. Late was written to celebrate her wedding day, and you can hear wedding bells softly ringing along with the light piano backing. This release has a very unique and memorable narrative on its own, and Anea’s voice manages to carry it to the next level.

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