12 Signs 21 Sounds – Fall For Me

Fall For Me is a new single from 12 Signs 21 Sounds, the musical project of LGTB artists, Sachi and Sarka. It’s an indie pop song, with some wonderfully clear vocals that don’t have any annoying effects or unnecessary processing. Really just beautifully sang. The song oscillates between meditatively ethereal romantic mood music and vibrantly assertive dance pop. There are some rap/hip hop elements here as well. The music is very dynamic, with the tone and pacing frequently changing. The backing is mostly ambient synths, but a solid beat makes an appearance from time to time. Ultimately the underlying message in this jam is to let your guard down and allow yourself to fall in love. These two hope to release an album in the future. I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t. Just keep going.

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