Matty Marz – Love Fool


Love Fool is a new EP from artist, Matty Marz. The album relates to the subject of love, captured from various angles (represented distinctly in each song.) The music is very dynamic, with complex beats and a unique structure. At times the songs contain so many musical components pieced together that they feel like art collages. It is essentially a pop album, but I’ve honestly never heard anything quite like this. Matty gets points for bringing creativity and originality to a genre that has largely become formulaic. As a singer, his voice gets the job done, and he performs with a lively charisma, adding his own personal touch and improvisational quirks to his lyrical delivery. This is a more interesting release than I expected, and one has to admire the artist’s genuine expression and his willingness to “lay it all out there.” He wears his heart on his sleeve, and isn’t afraid to show us more than just the good parts.

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