Alden Groves – Sway


Sway is a new single from Alden Groves, a popular singer who has gone by many monikers throughout his career. (his most notable one being “Evoke.”) In addition to having a beautiful cover, Sway delivers on the musical front. The song has a peaceful, almost underwater feel to it. The combination of aquatic sounds and hip hop is a rather unique blend, but he makes it work. This song is like you’re listening to a sea shell but with someone rapping in the background. It is both captivating and energizing.Sway has a new age meditative quality but is a lively enough jam that you could bust a move to it. This guy clearly has some experience making dance music. Water has been a thematic element of EDM for a long time, but this is one of the more literal and creative ways I’ve seen it incorporated in the music.

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