Greg Hoy & the Boys – Brilliant Jerk

greg hoy

Brilliant Jerk is a new single from Greg Hoy & the Boys. Greg is an established artist, (currently operating out of San Francisco) and has had a number of songs appear on shows like “One Tree Hill” and MTV’s “Made.” The music is difficult to classify. It can best be described as soulful rock’n’roll with a hint of punk, containing a sound that falls somewhere between 90’s indie (think artists like Coyote Shivers) and older, classic rock bar bands. Greg’s vocals on this track are loud and boisterous, delivered with attitude and flashes of wit. His voice really displays that classic sassy rock’n’ roll frontman charisma. The video for Brilliant Jerk is exceedingly professional, as good as anything you’d see on MTV (back when they still showed videos anyway.) In fact, I recommend you watch the other videos as well, as they are all studio quality and contain complex narratives (the one for Brilliant Jerk even features a “virtual reality” bit.)

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