YT Suns – What If

yt suns what if cover

What If is a new full length album from YT Suns, a duo based in Kent, WA. I’ve never really heard anything quite like this. It’s like if you mixed hip hop with Nintendo 64 style music. The backing synths are just very bright and fun. Really awesome. In fact, I would probably listen to even just an instrumental version of this album. The rapping is notable for the excellent timing, which is all the more impressive given that the delivery is set to irregular beats and unpredictable sounds. Featuring 14 full tracks, this release is extremely comprehensive and contains a wide variety within the parameters outlined above. My favorite song on this album is OMNITRIX which sounds like perfect music for an hip hop ice skating scene in a fairy tale movie. These guys obviously have some great songwriting talent. This is one of the better full length albums I’ve heard this year.

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