Man From Object: R525L – Therapy


Therapy is a new release from Man From Object: R525L (Diac Immortal Records.) It’s slated for advanced release on Sept 27, 2019. There are a couple different incarnations and mixes of this track. The “Loud Energy” version (credited to Man From Object: R525L) is a classic, high octane jam that wouldn’t seem out of place at a 90s warehouse rave. It has a technofuturistic sound with mechanical and robotic elements. My favorite part though is when it slips in some ambient synth melodies to spice the song up with pretty musicality around the 3 minute mark. The “Deep Rebellion” mix (Ben Rebel) ups the hypnotic intensity a bit with louder vocal samples and a more synth oriented beat. Both of these mixes have a truly therapeutic vibe. A bonus track is Warp 9 Message (also by Man From Object: R525L) has a very percussive sound. It’s very minimalist machine-like, as if you’re listening to the inner engine workings of a spaceship that’s stationed in some remote part of the solar system. Expect more good stuff from these artists, who continue to crank out decent dance tracks at a prolific pace.

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