JustUs – 7 Days A Week


7 Days A Week is a new single from JustUs (Paula Michelle Denise McCall). Another gem from Diac Immortal Records, this one is set to be released Sept 27. There’s a lot more vocal action on this track than what’s typical for this genre. Smooth and melodic, 7 Days A Week has a definite disco/house feel to it. The repetitive lyrics are beautifully sang and never seem to get old: I feel like dancin..seven days a week. This song strikes me as an anthem for anyone who’s stuck in the daily grind at the office and just wishes they could be out cutting loose on the dance floor. As you can tell by the cover, this music has an authentically groovy, solid gold retro vibe. I have to say that the mix and recording quality on the tracks from this label are really top notch (credit Ben Rebel as producer for this particular song.)

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